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How To Set Up The System

Its quite simple actually we generate a unique email that you can input into your form that will automatically responds to all the inquires that you get

once you received the unique email address all you need to do is input that into your forms on your website so all the inquires can be forwarded to the email then they will generate an auto response message that you can customize any time you want

and its simple as that

How United Mail Systems Can Help Your Business Achieve Its Full Potential

Automated email and mail autorresponders are not really new or cutting edge touchingly these days they help you get back to your client automatically after they decide to get a quote or anything you wish to do

The reason why auto-responders are so useful is because they have the potential to help you reach out on a nother level 

Imagine if you for example have a rental site and you would get quote inquires for your rentals and imagine if next year roll around and you have no clients or you are stuck you can use the broadcast message to broadcast a message to all the people who book a rental from you last year and it would simply remind them that hey you booked with us before and you enjoyed our service let us help you repeat that experience this year and the results have been phenomenal 

There are quite a bit of added benefits to having such a mailing list since its like having thousands of paying customers on the line at a moments notice, even though that is what sets us apart from the other systems that we teach all of our clients how to implement these tools in a way that will help there business reach its full potential with them its no phenomenon that is helps in most cases that is why we are getting such good rates in reviews since this model and these tools actually help real businesses progress and grow instead of slowly shrinking 

Even though this system takes a good amount of time to build up a steady client base it is absolutely worth it at the end of having direct client contact, we recommend that you use this system for 6 to 24 months to collect clients emails and contact information so you could have direct contact with your clients